A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing and Power


(NewsUSA) - It’s a tricky business, being human!

Most of us, according to Susan Drury, have lingering feelings – whether consciously realized or not – of ambivalence around something in our childhood. Regardless of how caring and diligent (or not) our parents/caregivers may have been, experiencing a certain amount of pain, misinterpretation and limitation are guaranteed aspects of childhood within this human adventure. 

Now, Drury has come out with a new book to address and transform the lingering effects we may still carry around those experiences: ELEVATING YOUR ORIGINS TO LOVE: A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing & Power.

The book is written for people who face any one or several of these issues:

  • Negative feelings around any aspect of your family, caregivers or early circumstances that continue to overshadow your ability to “move on;”
  • Significant challenges or traumas faced by you and/or your parents or grandparents - even if they occurred before you were born or that you retain no conscious memory of;
  • Being a parent raising children, and wanting to parent more consciously, free from limiting patterns stemming from your own childhood.
  • Looking to improve or resolve any current or repetitive unsatisfying situations and/or relationships that keep cropping up in your life (and you don’t understand why);
  • Wanting a clearer understanding of the potential for love and joy that your life inherently offers, and how to bring this out, moment by moment, into all aspects of your experience.

Drury approaches these matters with years of extensive training and professional certification in transformational methodologies that include shamanic healing, cranial sacral therapy, homeopathy, the Present Child Method, and Transference Healing, all shaped within the crucible of deep psychological and spiritual discipline.  No matter how privileged or terrible our early environment was, says Drury, within any difficult moment lies the possibility of discovering a new sense of love and power – today.

Susan DruryReaders will become aware of the different aspects of the human “hardware,” including an accessible explanation of our mind/body connection and neuropsychological wiring. They will gain clarity around how their original environment deeply affected the beliefs they came to have about so many aspects of themselves, others, and life. Although one’s perceptions seem to be concrete reality, by weaving the early years of the human experience through different dimensions -- often through the author’s own very personal stories and personal processes –-readers will discover that many of their more limited perceptions are transformations-in-waiting.

Writes one certified Amazon reader, “Drury's writing is clear, practical, and beautiful. Her approach is in-depth and genuine, making this book a must-read for anyone seeking the path to personal transformation. Each piece of wisdom will inspire readers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and how they can move forward in their lives.”

Adds another Amazon reader,  “It is impossible to just read through this book – it is lived through!  And for me, lived through with great benefit.”

Within a loving, non-judgmental perspective, readers are taken through different states of consciousness in order to discover their own abilities of transformation, healing and personal empowerment.  As readers connect their deepest dots, both the past and present become transformed. Long-held limitations and pain, even those passed down through earlier generations, dissolve into joy and a renewal of love. Not just a process of personal elevation, this book offers the potential of transformation for humanity itself.

Learn more at www.susandrury.com.