Booktrib's Bites: Four Fascinating Reads


(NewsUSA) - Radical Business CoverRadical Business by David Gaines

Do you have, work for, or dream of starting a business or organization that positively impacts the world while also turning a profit? Here’s a blueprint for business owners and businesses to usher in a newer, practical form of doing business -- learning more about what a social enterprise is and how it can apply to any business, employee, activist, consumer, or citizen.

Gaines provides real-life business insight with case studies of successful companies that have taken action to grow their profitability and positive impact. He provides actionable steps toward making a positive impact with in-depth analysis of supply chain, employee, customer, competitor, communal, and environmental interactions.

As the world rapidly changes, it needs more businesses that do good. Radical Business can help leave the world better than we found it. Purchase at

The Diagnosis DiariesThe Diagnosis Diaries by Susan Kelley

A frank, funny, and poignant book for anyone touched by chronic disease. Susan Kelley, a successful author of humor and relationship books and veteran of the talk show circuit – including an appearance on Oprah, until recently she was living with her artist husband between homes in Florence and Sarasota. Susan thought she was invincible. Then she fell off a train, and had other bad falls. Searching for answers, she started to chronicle her journey with no idea what could be causing the problem.

She saw doctors and specialists. Her often-amusing and always frustrating quest led to a definitive diagnosis – a progressive condition with no treatment or cure. Now she had to figure out how to move forward. Here’s an honest, courageous, and brilliantly comic account about one woman's real-life challenges to face a life-changing diagnosis. Purchase at

Soulmates and StrangersSoulmates & Strangers by Judith Umlas

Soulmates & Strangers takes the reader on an intimate journey of two soulmates who first connected as teens and remained kindred spirits for the rest of their lives.

Before email or Facetime, Sylvia, a 15-year-old girl from the Bronx, connected with a pen pal named Claudia, from Lyon, France. Their writings to one another preserve a precious time in the past while inspiring generations of the future.

This is the heart-warming book based on the packet of letters treasured and saved by the French pen pal from her American friend. In this moving memoir, the reader is taken on a journey of discovery with two teenagers as they experience food and housing shortages during World War II, the early Hollywood film industry, an exchange of magazines, recipes, and poetry, and descriptions of their lives and loves over 60 years. Purchase at

Not my faultNot My Fault by S.B. Frasca

"Not My Fault" is popping up everywhere: at home, in the park, even at school. At first, it's a secret way for Hy to deal with being bullied, but the protest art becomes addictive and morphs into a massive, creative project in defense of other social injustices.

Hy's own social circle is more like a square of well-meaning adults, but a chance encounter with an exotic eleventh-grader named Belinda is about to change everything. When the school bully does a one-eighty and Belinda gets pregnant, Hy has to navigate more uncharted territory with messy feelings of lust, loss, and friendship. So, what’s to stop this former tenth-grade loser from soaring into the art world with spray cans blazing? Maybe getting kicked out of school. Purchase at